The Drive to Be Creative

What to Do When You're Not Feeling Inspired

Creativity is a fundamental component of human nature. It allows us to solve problems, express ourselves, and innovate. It is also a vital factor in professional success. Many careers require a high degree of creativity, and companies often seek out employees who can bring fresh ideas to the table.

However, there are times when we might find ourselves lacking in inspiration or struggling to come up with new ideas. This can be frustrating, especially when creativity is expected of us at work. So, what can we do when we're not feeling very creative?

  1. Take a break

Sometimes, the best thing to do when you're feeling stuck is to step away from the problem. Take a walk, listen to music, or engage in a different activity that you enjoy. This break can help to clear your mind and allow for fresh inspiration to emerge.

Research has found that walking activates the DMN, the Default Mode Network of your brain, leading to increased connectivity between brain regions and the generation of new ideas. When a person walks, their mind is free to wander, and they can engage in internal thought without the distractions of the external environment. This mental state is conducive to creative thinking, as it allows for the generation of new and innovative ideas.

So, rather than pushing through to force creativity, taking a break and a walk may lead to a breakthrough moment when you least expect it.

  1. Seek out inspiration

Surrounding yourself with sources of inspiration can help to spark your creativity. Look for inspiration in books, movies, art, or other creative outlets. Seek out new experiences and try new things to expand your horizons and gain fresh perspectives.

What assumptions or hidden limitations may be holding you back from trying a new direction or considering a new source of inspiration?

  1. Collaborate with others

Collaboration can be a powerful tool for creativity. Working with others can provide new ideas, feedback, and insights. Brainstorming sessions or collaborative projects can help to generate new ideas and inspire creativity.

So often we get trapped in our own mind and collaboration is a way to get our thoughts out in the open and consider a new perspective which can be cathartic to all involved.

  1. Embrace limitations

Sometimes, limitations can be a source of creativity. Embrace the limitations of a project or task and use them as a challenge to find innovative solutions. Constraints can force you to think outside the box and come up with new ideas.

Sometimes too many options, too many possible directions can cause us to lock up creatively. It’s a bit counterintuitive but limitations are pieces of the puzzle you don’t have to debate or decide, allowing you to focus your creative energy.

  1. Practice creativity

Like any skill, creativity requires practice. Make time for creative activities outside of work, such as writing, drawing, or playing music. This can help to develop your creative muscles and make it easier to tap into your creativity when it's needed at work.

Creativity is an essential component of success in many fields. When we're not feeling very creative, there are several things we can do to spark our inspiration, including taking a break, seeking out inspiration, collaborating with others, embracing limitations, and practicing creativity. By incorporating these strategies into our work routine, we can harness our creative drive and achieve our professional goals.