About Casey

My name is Casey Gipson, I live in Littleton, Colorado with my partner Erin and our dog Bailey.

I’ve had an exciting and fulfilling career in engineering. I’ve worked on assembly line equipment, fighter jet parts and some of the first recurring subscription box software systems.

Like most engineers, I love challenging myself to come up with new creative solutions to problems. As my career progressed I began to take more and more interest in the inner workings of the entire organization. I realized there were a lot of perplexing and frustrating problems at the organizational level that either prevented good engineering or made good engineering a moot point.

These thoughts kicked off my own personal journey with a coach. My own coaching experience has without a doubt influenced how I think about businesses, engineering and building functional, fulfilling and collaborative teams. The coaching process challenged me to try new tools, look at situations differently, and seek to understand how my own thoughts and actions may be hindering my success. I began to have greater situational awareness and better understanding of tension caused by living in conflict with my own values and beliefs.

My work now is to support and challenge you in your own coaching journey.

My commitment to you, as your coach, is to show up fully present and in service to you during our sessions. Outside of our sessions I commit to continued personal growth, learning and living my life in ways that directly and indirectly add value to your coaching experience with me.

Are you accepting new clients?

I am actively accepting new clients.

Schedule 45 minute discovery session with me. You’ll be asked to fill out a short form prior to scheduling with calendly so our time together can be as productive as possible.

Professional Career

How our career paths differ or overlap has very little influence on how successful we can be together. It’s more important to look at the growth and change throughout my career, which you may find more beneficial in this context.

I’ve gone through many difficult transitions. I graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Florida. After practicing for 5 years I entered the software space. I’ve most recently transitioned from software to coaching. With every transition feeling like I’m moving closer and closer to my purpose and closer to true fulfillment.

I’ve had to learn how to let go of control. As a manager this looks like empowering others to make their own decisions and dealing with failure in ways that foster learning instead of shame.

I’ve learned to ask more questions and get clarity as part of the problem solving process. Problem solvers love to jump in and get going which leads to disappointment and lost time by not understanding what’s actually important.

I’ve done many of the different jobs required to run a startup; software, product development, finance, shipping, logistics.

I’ve worked within a variety of systems, processes and leadership styles.

All of my past experiences have shaped who I am today and have prepared me to be of service to you.