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You are invited to inquire about my coaching through Reboot or email me to connect personally at virginia at scale dot us.

My own experience with leadership coaching has been my most important professional work. A three-time founder, I’ve raised capital across different stages, managed M&As, and grown leadership inside large companies.

My identity plays no small part in my coaching. I believe strongly that your identity has a big part to play in your leadership.

I work with underrepresented leaders to provide support so that they grow into the leaders they know they can be.

I also work with leaders who are not in underrepresented groups, but only those who explicitly desire to build increasingly supportive organizations for underrepresented people.

I work from the belief that our deeply personal inner work is our leadership foundation.

As a coach, I call on my experience as a queer trans woman. I call on my experience as a neurodivergent person who has befriended her ADD. I call on my experience as a white person dedicated to confronting whiteness and generational harm.

I bring in my software background, my CEO experience. I lean on my hospitality principles as much as I lean on my tech background. I lean on my experience building highly paid software teams as much as I lean on my experience building teams paid an hourly wage while responsible for service, hospitality, and community.

Who do you coach?

My clients tend to be founders and executives who are under-represented. They usually have the ability to pay for this work through their company (through funding or revenue). They understand that growing to meet the demands of a maturing company means they must grow as a human-grow into the leader they know they can be.

How do you structure your engagements?

I work on a monthly retainer and do not ask for multi-month commitments.

How do we kick off the relationship?

First, we meet. Anyone can schedule a call with me or inquire about coaching through Reboot.

After we meet, if we both feel there is a fit and want to move forward we will sign an engagement letter and find time for a discovery session where we map out values, current focus, and goals. I often refer to this discovery session as the YouTube recap of your life. You get to catch me up on who you are. Then we co-create how we want to work together on a bi-weekly basis.

Where does coaching happen?

My sessions are often over the phone, but some clients prefer video. I encourage clients to pick the medium that allows for calm.

How much time should I plan on dedicating to this?

I will explicitly take 2-4 hours of your calendar a month. My sessions are 60 minutes, but sometimes I suggest additional time if something is unresolved and we are close to finding clarity. Preparation or follow-up for our sessions does happen, but that work is in support of your goals.

When do you coach?

I coach from 9 am-5 pm PST, Monday through Friday.

How do I prep for a session?

Some clients like to reflect on a list of questions prior to a session. Others prefer to show up and use the spaciousness of the session to see what is most valuable to explore together. How you like to work determines how much pre-session process we want to commit to.

Can you walk me through a typical session?

First, we check-in, sharing what state we are in. We talk about what has happened in between sessions and determine the focus area for the session. We use the bulk of the time to explore your topic of choice; in this section, we ground in your full self as much as possible to tap into your creativity, your curiosity, your confidence, and your courage. I keep time and when we get to the final 15 minutes of the session we bottom line what you're taking away and define any commitments and accountability structures that feel supportive.

If I need something in between sessions, are you available?

Absolutely. I encourage folks to text, email, and happy to schedule short conversations for small matters or move up session times if need be. I answer questions, share resources, and give feedback to my clients outside of sessions frequently.

How do you handle feedback?

Pro-actively! We schedule a feedback session after the first two months of working together and determine how often we'd like to check-in after that. I always welcome feedback in writing or verbally at the end of any session. It's important to co-create our feedback process so that it is accessible to you. If I say something that creates harm you are never obligated to tell me, but I do welcome and invite you to do so. By addressing harm with me you should know that you will not be asked to hold the emotions that come up for me. I have my own coach and therapist along with peer support. I am committed to your safety and explicitly design the capacity in my work to be able to hold the gravity of reparative processes.

Are you accepting new clients?

I am actively accepting clients and coaching through Reboot. I maintain two pro-bono client relationships at all times and have a waitlist for those spots. My practice also passes a portion of proceeds to the following organizations: